PRF Gas Solutions is a 32 years old company focused on technology, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of all types of equipment and infrastructure for the fuel gas sector, from transportation, distribution and utilization networks, regulating stations, LNG Bunkering Systems, natural gas refuelling stations, LNG regasification plants and hydrogen vehicle refuelling stations, to renewable energy projects.
Regarding renewable energies, PRF has invested in technology and human capital in this area, particularly in hydrogen, and with the know-how acquired over the years, is now involved in several projects in this area, from projects for industry, hydrogen blending and injection in the natural gas network and mobility (having built the first portable hydrogen filling station in Portugal – DRHYVE, running since August 2021, and we are building now one fixed hydrogen station in Madrid and another in Lisbon).

We strongly believe we have the right solutions for the client’s requirements, with worldwide experience and important references.