Naomi Baker

Senior Policy Manager Energy UK

Naomi leads on energy flexibility and storage for Energy UK, the largest energy trade body in the UK. Last year Naomi led industry engagement into the National Grid ESO’s Demand Flexibility Service (DFS). This innovative service (developed in just 4 months in response to the energy crisis caused by Russian’s invasion of Ukraine), incentivized consumers to shift their electricity usage. The service was used by 1.6 million consumers (domestic, industrial and commercial) and will run again this winter.

Naomi spent a decade working in policy and program delivery as an energy and sustainability manager in local government. Following a career break for children, Naomi has focused on energy policy. This has included building retrofit (central government) and heat policy (the third sector). Naomi has an MBA in Strategic Carbon Management from University of East Anglia and an MA in Environmental Policy from King’s College, London

16.00h - 16.30h PM

Wednesday 14th June

People power and the role of ‘learning by doing’ in the UK’s energy transition

Naomi Baker, Senior Policy Manager Energy UK