Marcia Pereira

Entrepreneur | CEO@Bandora | MIT PhD | Buildings Performance | Energy Efficiency

Marcia Pereira was born in Lisbon, 1981. She has a degree in Mechanical Engineering - Thermodynamics, from Instituto Superior Técnico and attended the course of Sustainable Energy Systems from MIT Portugal Program, in 2007.
Regarding her career, it can be highlighted her time at ADENE - National Energy Agency as projects manager in the Sustainable Development department, where she developed EU/IEE Projects such as ThERRA - Thermal Energy from Renewables and others in the field of energy efficiency and PPEC, an ERSE - Energy Services Regulatory Authority program in order to promote electric energy efficiency. Afterwards she was invited to co-start an energy department from scratch in a softwarehouse, Glintt, where she was responsible for the Energy Efficiency projects, which includes buildings performance (residential, commercial and industry), renewable energy production, with special emphasis on hydropower, eco labelling and sustainable behaviours among consumers. She started to work as an energy consultant since 2016, running several projects such as standalone PV for households, HVAC projects for commercial buildings, analytics for energy consumption in commercial buildings, streetlight devices certification and others.
Since 2017, she’s trying to fill a technological gap in smart buildings data and their occupants, so she co-founded Bandora in order to develop predictive algorithms with machine learning that will manage buildings’s devices and achieve better energy efficiency and comfort.

15.30h - 16.00h PM

Thursday 15th June

From Smart to Autonomous: Pioneering a New Era in Building Technology for Enhanced Efficiency and User Experience

Marcia Pereira, Entrepreneur | CEO@Bandora | MIT PhD | Buildings Performance | Energy Efficiency