Luis Roby

Board Member, Grupo ERRE

Born and raised in Braga, Portugal in 1982, is the father of one little baby girl and a Grupo ÉRRE Board Member. He has a degree in Geology – branch of Resources and Planning and a postgraduate degree in Environmental Management, both in Minho University. Luís first started to work in the extraction sector but then switched to consultancy related to Water Resources and the Environment Sector. In 2013 was involved in the foundation of LRB, a consultancy company in multiple areas such as GIS, Environment, and Tourism. LRB together with the other 4 companies (ÉRRE Technology, ÉRRE Design & Editorial, U Rock and Supply IT) now form Grupo ÉRRE. Since 2021 Luís is Vice-President for Sustainability and Energy Transition of the AEMinho (Minho’s Companies Association). In addition, he became a Board Member of the Eurogia2030 Cluster in 2022.