Bruno Nunes

Head of Studies and European Affairs

Bruno Nunes has been working at the Portuguese Transmission System Operator (REN) for over than 20 years. He is currently Head of Studies and European Affairs at REN, being responsible for the Security Supply studies and for the electricity and gas sector, as well as for the coordination of the European Affairs.

He also worked on Network Planning, Interconnections projects and Consumers and Producers Management grid connections, being responsible for the permitting and coordination of construction and assessments of Solar, Wind and Hydroelectric Power Plants in Portugal within the scope of the Transmission Grid Operator.

He helped to launch the foundations of the Med-TSO (Association of Transmission System Operators of the Mediterranean) that includes 20 countries, having been a member for 8 years, where was Vice-Chairman of RWG West and member of the several Technical Committees (Planning, Regulations, International Electricity Exchanges, and Economic Studies). He was a member of Medgrid, the Paving the Way for the Mediterranean Solar Plan and CIGRÉ.