Ed’s note: Open Power Grids, a dream come true?

 Ed’s note: Open Power Grids, a dream come true?

In case you have not already heard about it, ENEL just inaugurated a new association called Open Power Grids. And if its title makes you think of open source, you are not alone.

The Italian multinational and largest privately owned operator in the world, created a cosy umbrella under which it hopes to bring together network operators, manufacturers, research institutes and other stakeholders of the energy sector. 

The scope is to share and develop standards and technologies for critical grid components that comply with the net-zero requirements. Emphasis on sharing. 

As Antonio Cammisecra, Head of Enel’s Global Infrastructure and Networks, said: “We have done a lot to identify the best technical solutions for our grids but to step forward quickly, we need to share this challenge with other actors in an open and collaborative environment towards Net Zero Grids”. 

In other words, Enel is opening its ‘source’ and invites other actors in the energy sector to collaborate in order to identify the best technical solutions for the energy transition. 

Now, if you are wondering why the EU is in need of one more association, again, you would not be alone. However, here is the difference with this one. It does not invite companies using already the same standards and technologies to collaborate in order to stay ahead of the competition.

On the contrary, Enel’s Open Power Grids invites everyone – and when I say everyone, I mean also non-European countries like China – on board in an open and collaborative environment with the ‘ulterior motive’ to pick up the pace in order to make the Green Deal come true. 

A noble cause if you ask me. But again, did we really need a new association? Well, it is the only efficient way to bring together all interested parties and share knowledge, expertise and technologies. And Enel has a lot of all the above to share. 

That said, let us give this new association a welcome and some time to breathe and let’s pick this up again when the first members sign up. And speaking of signing up, if you are interested in becoming a member, just send an expression of interest directly to openpowergrids@enel.com

Seems like Enel is guiding the way, and I believe that many more will follow. Don’t you agree?

Areti Ntaradimou
Editor, Smart Energy International

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