We're very happy to welcome the following speakers to Smart Energy World Summit 2017
Secretary of State of Energy Secretary of State of Energy Government of Portugal

Jorge Seguro Sanches

Government of Portugal
Secretary of State of Energy

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Hassan Claussen

Hansecom Media

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Guy Redmill

Redmill Marketing Associates

Managing Director

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Francisco Girio

Head of Research

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Normandy Madden

The Digit Group
Global Director, Media & Innovation

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Nuno Lacasta

Portuguese Environment Agency (APA, I.P.)
President of the Board

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João Castanheira


Deputy CEO

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Gil Lladó Morales

Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB)
Energy Transition Officer

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Jesus Izquierdo

Fusion for Energy
Associate to the Chief Engineer

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Thomas Mikkelsen


Partner and Director

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João Torres

EDP Distribuição


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Jorge Mendonça e Costa

Director Executivo

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Luis Seca

Coordinator of Centre for Power and Energy

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Isidoro Tapia

European Investment Bank (EIB)
Energy Efficiency specialist

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Rob Smith

Smart Energy GB
Head of Policy and Public Affairs

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Jorge Rodrigues de Almeida

ICP Europe

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Ismael Miranda

Storage R&D Manager

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João Pedro Gouveia

CENSE - Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research
Environmental Engineer with a PhD in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies from Nova University and Lisbon University

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Jorge Borges de Araújo

APESE / Smartwatt
President / CEO 

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Kaija Valdmaa

Project Manager

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Valts Grintals

Product Manager (Energy Storage Research Service)

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Pedro Machado

Lisboa e-nova
Project Coordinator & Director Adviser

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Stephanus Lintker

EnergieAgentur NRW
Head of cross-sectional area "International relation and foreign affairs"

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Catarina Freitas

Executive Member of the Board of the Local Energy Management Agency of Almada

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Eric Jensen

Business Developer

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Maria João Rodrigues

Lisboa e-nova
Diretora Técnica e Financeira

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