What is it?

The Smart Energy World Summit is a unique event that focuses on the transformational technologies and business models that are currently revolutionising the energy industry.

New sources of power, the need for renewable and sustainable energy supplies and the growth in smart cities and related technology is creating not only massive opportunities, but significant challenges too.

Our event brings together the entire spectrum of stakeholders to not only inform and educate, but also to help drive innovation and collaboration in order that we can all reap the benefits, and avoid the pitfalls.

The Smart Energy World Summit is THE meeting place for technology and power companies, grid operators, and research and industry organisations from the field of smart energy. Come and learn, and share your views and knowledge, on Smart Grid Technologies, Smart Energy and Biomass.

This Conference provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and the latest perspectives from leading scientists, as well as industry business leaders, current and future producers of bioenergy and bio-based products, waste generators, energy crop growers, municipal leaders, utility executives, technology providers, equipment manufacturers, project developers, policy makers, and investors in this exciting field.

It’s a genuine one-stop shop – a premier educational and networking platform for all industries concerned with renewable sources of energy.
Energy Utilities Business Innovation
Microgrids and Empowered Communities
Smart Energy as a Path to Smart Cities
Smart Energy Storage: Grid Empowerment
Smart Energy World Summit brings it all together so that you can see the bigger picture. It’s an event that informs and educates, and helps you to keep your finger on the pulse of the technological advances, business model transformations, and use cases, that are driving our industry.

You need to make the right choices, so that you can develop the best strategy to drive your business forward. That’s what our event is all about: helping you to take advantage of the opportunities, while avoiding the pitfalls.
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Who's it for?

Key stakeholders from the field of smart energy, including:
  • Public authorities and regulators
  • Technology and power companies
  • Grid operators
  • Research and industry organisations

Who will you meet?

  • Energy storage companies and their supply chain
  • Research organisations and academics
  • Distribution Network Operators (DNO)
  • Energy service company / Utilities
  • Large energy users (industry)
  • Local and central authorities
  • Large Power Traders
  • National Grids
  • Regulators

Why should I attend?

To keep your finger on the pulse, and gain a better understanding of the significant opportunities on offer, as well as the challenges the industry faces. As well as providing a platform for industry-leading speakers, Smart Energy World Summit enables genuine networking opportunities and the exchange of ideas between the growing diversity of stakeholders in the evolving communications industry.

It does not ‘beat the drum’ for a specific technology or approach, rather it encourages productive collaboration and open debate.

Smart Energy World Summit aims to bring the industry together and provide a platform that encourages genuine debate and the open exchange of ideas in order that stakeholders can move forward with confidence and insight. If you expect to be a part of the energy industry of the future, then Smart Energy World Summit is the only place to be!


Energy Utilities Business Innovation

New forms of energy are leading to growing diversity in the utility business supply chain. Consumers can also be producers and with new sources of fuel entering the mix, there’s huge potential for innovation of traditional business models. Who pays, who gains and how will we benefit? What’s the right balance between market forces and subsidies to ensure new technologies can be commercialised and play their role in the evolution of energy utilities?

Microgrids and Empowered Communities

There’s increasing fragmentation in the energy industry and communities and cities take an active role in generation. Biomass, solar and wind power all create opportunities for more localised production. What’s their role and how can we capitalise on new innovations which bring the sources of power closer to communities?

Smart Energy as a Path to Smart Cities

The drive to smarter cities is already leading to multiple silos of services. These must be connected and coordinated to ensure that efficient service delivery. Smart energy initiatives are essential to deliver enhanced sustainability and resilience – how can these be a driver to the joined up smart city of the future? How do we assure alignment between vital infrastructure, such as the grid and other smart initiatives?

Smart Energy Storage: Grid Empowerment

Local energy storage is essential to maximise the efficiency of smart grids. With fluctuating production and demand, how do we balance storage and supply to ensure the most efficient delivery mechanisms and to smooth pricing? The evolution of effective and flexible storage functions is fundamental to smart grids, so what’s are the latest developments and how will we meet future needs?
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